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Mch 4th 1899

We sighted land again today It is the northern coast of Luzon, the largest island of the Phil.[ippine] group. Running slowly down the coast we at last ap proach the entrance to Manila Bay, entering we steam eastward toward Manila, and drop anchor at 4 P.M. Our long journey has come to an end, after a sail of 27 days. Within a stones throw of the “Senator” the “Olympia” ([Admiral George] Dewey’s flagship) is at anchor.

I seen Dewey as we came to anchor, He was standing on the bridge. We are about ½ mile away from shore, as the water is too shallow to allow a great ship to come closer. Great excitement prevails aboard as we are told that the Filipinos have turned against the Am[ericans]? and that there has been hard fighting since the outbreak on Feb 4th.

A while ago the monitor “Monterey” came up to the “Olympia” and rec’d orders I persume [sic] and now she is bombarding some town on the bay, with her 13 inch guns Whew! but those big shells tear up the ground and send the houses into the air. –We all drew 100 rounds of Ammunation today.