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Friday, March 17th, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

Cloudy all day with light falls of rain. Alternately have calm oppressive spells of heat & cool breezes.

It is about 9. p.m. A squad of U.S. troops are now searching the 2 story houses occupied by Filipinos on our block about 40 feet away facing the Estero. A sentry on the bridge near the Cuartel Meisig passed word to the quarters that an unusual number of natives collected in one of the houses. So far nothing unusual has been discovered.

This afternoon for quite a while the sound of firing at the front was plainly heard at No. 2. After more than a month of fighting our troops or line of battle are still within hearing distance of my domicile.

I remained at home all day expecting Al. Scott would come as he promised to do so, but he failed to appear.

This a.m. Private Frank Amie of Battery H. 3d artillery came in with his fighting outfit from the front, looking very rough. He paid me $3.10 –Tenth League dues & $3.40. U.S. coin, of money collected from Battery H. men. God bless him. Had a brief conversation & prayer as he had to return to his command. Sent 3 S.F. War Crys back with him.

Late in the afternoon I hurried down to the Escolta to purchase some groceries as my supply had run low.

During the afternoon overhauled some contents of my trunk, and book catalogues to get an idea of the character of my library. The number of bound books catalogued is 1,908, and pamphlets, 416. Some subjects are quite rich. The following subheads will give a fair idea: History, local & general 151; History bearing on American Civil War 106; Slavery, 86; Africa, 26; Polar Regions, 13; Bibles & testaments, 26; Travels, 105; Natural History, 51; Texas, 54; Religious works, 334; Salvation Army, 23; Holiness works, 58; Biography, 95; Geology, Mineralogy, & kindred subjects, 81; Poetry, 22; Literature, 24; Art, 17; Anecdotes, 14; Music, 12; Mechanics, 19; Missions, 17; Manufactures, 15; Shells, 8; Books about books, 10 etc., etc., etc. These are works not volumes. One history French language (Rollins Ancient) embraces 60 volumes. 12 mo small, A history of China by a Jesuit priest embraces 13 quarto volumes, but both these works are counted each under one title and number. Many languages are represented in this library. This personal library which the Lord hath given me is the result of 32 years book collecting. Had more but my Texas relatives lost over 100 volumes, which included a full set of Chambers Encyclypoedia, which cost me $45.

My books & curios are now in the following places. Overland Freight Transportation & Warehouse Co., San Francisco (the largest part), my scrapbooks of personal writings –printed– & copying books (1 box) 1139 Market St. S.F. Pacific Coast Salvation Army H.Q.; 1 box Houston Heights, Texas, left with Mrs. Houston Mislaps; several boxes at Miss Simpson’s lodging house 182 –6th Ave near West 14th St. New York, & some here in Manila.