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Sunday, June 4th 1899

Manila, Luzon Island – Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo

Finished reading the book of Numbers in the old Testament. Prayed.

My precious God visited me last night and gave me an experience of His wonderful love. Truly God’s love is a mystery, known only to the blessed souls, favored with the experience. To God the Father, Son & Holy Ghost, three in One be eternal glory & praise, amen.

Cooked breakfast of germer mush, coffee and then fried bacon.

Hunted up a lesson in the New Testament & songs from the prison service, then prayed a second time, this time specially for the Lord’s blessing on the Bilibid effort.

Walked leisurely to the prison & found Provost-Sergeant Houser growling again but not at me; Lieut. Wolf had not yet gone on his usual Sunday forenoon inspection round. However, without waiting for him Houser collected quite a procession of prisoners – military – and marched them around to the civil prison & locked us all in behind the iron gate. Had an audience of 25 men, including sailors. Some pretty hard men are in this place. Listened respectfully. A new prisoner, hardly more than a boy – told me he was one time a Salvationist in Detroit, Mich. Wanted a New Testament. Promised him one for the next visit, gave 2 to the men.

Although the Lord, I believe interested the men, no one sought Him publicly. Bro. Freeman stood up to testify to being a Christian. Closed by repeating the Lord’s prayer. Quite in number of the men accompanied me in the same.

Service over all went out, but Houser had not returned to unlock the gate. I lifted an iron picket & crawled thro’. A boy sentinel (20thU.S. Inf.) was on guard. He would not allow the prisoners to follow. So I went around to the Sergt’s quarters & found Houser lying down. Roused him up & he went to the gate to unlock the gate & let the men out.

Remained at home all afternoon. Looked over a map of Texas. Am interested in that states spiritual & material development. Read today in Central Christian Advocate (St. Louis) an article “A Great Missionary Gathering” at Cleveland, Ohio. Feb. 23d ’98 – Students Volunteer Convention – studied a map of China in connection with missionary advancement. I would like to visit that country before returning home in case I am ordered back. Also read “St. Paul’s Crypt” & other articles.

Figured out how I stand financially, personally.

Cooked supper – germen mush, bacon and cocoa. Made dinner of parched peanuts and lemonade.

Feel much interested to learn what is going on at the front, north line and south line.

The Filipinos in our back yard had another Corpus Christi celebration – prayer, candle burning & fruit distribution.

Thence of our sailor guests took their bags away today – one this evening & two this morning. They are to work their way back to the United States for food. This leaves the groceries purchased by me thro’ Bro. Turner from the U.S. Commissary on my hands. They go on the “Hancock”. Bay too rough this afternoon, the men could not go out to the vessel. Returned to No. 2 to sleep.