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Wednesday, June 28th, 1899

It has raigned all Night and day we had Orders to load but could not doe anything we had our Cots and Mosquitonets turned in also our Cooking Utensils and live on Salmon and Hardtack all day but most of us eat at the Restaurants the Senator wich laid off Manila has pulled over near Cavite during the Night A & B where called to Arms but arived too late to recapture 7 Prisoners wich got away from the prison Hospital at Santa Rooka at wich place Comp. C is furniching a Guard consisting of 11 men our Sick List is decreasing all the Boys are in good anough Shape to goe aboard the Ship

It has rained all night and day. We had orders to load but could not do anything. We had our cots and mosquito nets turned in as well as our cooking utensils. We live on salmon and hardtack all day but most of us eat at the restaurants. The Senator, which is laid off Manila, has pulled over near Cavite. During the night, Companies A and B were called to arms but arrived too late to recapture seven prisoners who got away from the prison hospital at San Roque where Company C is furnishing a guard consisting of eleven men. Our sick list is decreasing. All the boys are in good enough shape to go aboard the ship.