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Sunday, July 2nd, 1899

The Sea is rough but the Weather is fine a few are still sick our Ration are about the Same we have 6 men on Guard there being 16 post Colonel Hawkins is hardly to be seen Lt. Col Barnet is still in Comand in the Evening we have Song and regular preeching Service on the upper Deak most of us attend the Sea is getting calmer there are only 6 men in the Hospital

The sea is rough but the weather is fine. A few are still sick. Our rations are about the same. We have six men on guard, there being sixteen posts. Colonel Hawkins is hardly to be seen. Lieutenant Colonel Barnett is still in command. In the evening we have song and regular preaching service on the upper deck. Most of us attend. The sea is getting calmer. There are only six men in the hospital.