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November 19, 1899

Under instructions of the honorable president, Major Jeciel went out this morning. At 5 p.m. he returned and informed the honorable president that the Americans had succeeded in taking the town of Santo Tomas, and had even arrived in Aringay. As this latter town is distant only two or three hours from Naguilian, the honorable president arranged for all to start that very night.

So, then, we left the town at midnight, following the road through the mountains to San Fernando, San Juan, and Bagnotan, until we reached the town of Bulaoang at 9 o’clock that night, after a continuous and painful journey.

This afternoon the honorable president dispatched Señor Villa to the town of Baoang on business of importance, and hence that Señor could not accompany the honorable president on the journey he has just finished. During the night following this day Villa concluded his mission.