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Dec. 7th, 1899

We started on again early this morning. At Porac there were 30 or 50 niggers: We spread out our little skirmish line of 7 Krags & 2 pistols & went through the town but the niggers took to the bush as quick as we came in sight. The Col. had told us to make every shot count so we held our fire for sure shots & so got no shots at all. We got into Angeles just before noon, Col Strothers bought us dinner at a restaurant and we took the train back to San Fernando getting here about the middle of the afternoon. We have had a nice trip, (mostly through country where our army has never been before) and I have enjoyed it immensely. There is as fine country as this Island as I ever saw. A battalion of the 22nd Inf. was here a couple of days while we were gone: just in from a 50 day “hike” in the mountains. They are completely worn out & lots of them are laid up here, for repairs.