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Jan. 24, 1900

The losses of yesterday are Americans G Co 1 man wounded in ar C Co. 1st Sarg. wounded in foot.  Sailor wounded in thigh.  Naval Officer wounded in hand.

Filipinos Dead           Wounded                 captured

The assaulting Am force consisted of 80 men of C Co. 20 men of G Co. and 20 men of H Co. who were to flank the town on the right while the rest of the troops on the Venus were to make a (Gen Olbey) direct assault by landing at a long pier extending into the bay but on trying to land they found all of the timbers had been partly sawn through and as we had all of the boats they were unable to land until after the town had fallen.  The Fil. forces in the town were estimated at 2000 by the English rep of the hemp firm of Warner Bell & Co. in the town.  Left for Virac Id of *Catanduanes about 60 mi from Legaspi at 7 A.M. Arriaved at Virac about 12 oclock.  Anchored about 2 mi off of the town and at one P.M. ran in to the town In the Nashvilles small boats in tow of the launch. Were met about half a mile from the town by the Local padre with a flag of truce.  Went in and formed line of skirmishes on the beach.  *The insurgent commaner came down to the beach with a corporal and surrendered the town to Gen. Kobbe.  Formed in column of fours and marched to the square in front of the government house and pitched puptents.  Cleaned out the barracks and moved in about 5 P.M.  Niggers turned over $4,000 Mex & 5 cannon, with all the reb correspondence. The people are Vicols while most of Luzon is populated by Tagalos.  The people seem to be friendly and are glad to have us as the rebs soaked them for every cent they could squeeze out of them.  The town is a poor sort of a dump of about 2000 inhabitants.