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Sunday Morning April 1, 1900

This is presumably my last day at Tagbilaran for we are to start to-night or rather at four in the morning for Tubigon, the men and baggage by boat, Major Hale, the Governor & myself by carriage. Yesterday — two weeks past — we landed on this coast; and though most of my time has been spent in the hospital with fever, the experience has been interesting.

This morning April 1, I rose about day break and just as the men were falling into ranks for reveille drove with the doctor out of the town along the shore road to Baclayon. It was a beautiful drive and in front of the little houses used as officers quarters <at Baclayon> beside the great church, was the charming view of the sea at sunrise. The water was low and dotted over the coral sands were innumerable water birds getting their morning meal. We returned in time for inspection of the command, and the improvement in appearance & cleanness was marked. Then for these notes, and after lunch preparations for departure.