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Jan. 13, 1901

Baras P.I.  Left Cabugao last night at 11:00PM and after marching all night over rocks and through mud till we could hardly drag one foot after the other, and in fact one man, Darr, did play out and had to be helped, we arriaved at the hills overlooking this place.

Lt. Perrington and 19 men made a detour through the hills so as to cover the town on the north and west while Burke and the ocean took care of the south & east.  Every man was assigned to a particular position and as soon as Perrington was ready he fired a signal shot and we all rushed to our positions and in less than a minute had the town completely surrounded.

The Insurrectos piled out of the tribunal in a hurry and tried to break through the line but in most cases were driven back, only about eight men succeeding in getting through.

As soon as they saw the could not break through they scattered and hid about the town in all kinds of places.  Many tried to hide in the rice paddies on the edge of town and __1st Sarg Kuhn took unaided, 7 men, with 5 guns, 7 bolos and 2 revolvers, from under some cactus growing on the edge of town; among them was Rogue Bustos the Ins. Gov of Cat.  All together we killed 7 men, took 27 prisoners, 6 of whom were wounded, 13 rifles, about 40 bolos, 2 or 3 saddles and all of the reb. correspondence, our losses 0.

We put our prisoners in the stocks and sent a runner to Cabugao for Molina’s sail boat which arriaved at 2 P.M.  We all piled aboard and sailed to Cabugao where we disembarked our prisoners and hiked them to Virac where we were met by about two thousand people and a brass band headed by the padre.

While we were at Baras the Bato police captured Colcol, one of our old G.H. friends, and 4 comrades who were conducting a little revolution if their own near Cabugao.