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30th of April 1901

Vicente Antiquera, Don Juan Mauricio’s servant, died of tuberculosis. R.I.P.

I was also nursing a fever for a couple of days and was visited by the first American doctor of Agaña, one of the first officials who visited me when we were still staying in tents.

The same doctor wanted to take our photos. Since I could not give in to his wish, fearful of exposing myself to the elements, as I was with fever then, I gave him my large picture from Manila, with the following word of thought:

“He who learns the lessons of misfortune, oh! does learn to be a man.”

I forgot to say that last March 17, due to differences between Mr. Ricarte and some of our companions, Mr. Orwig decided that we elect a President and a Vice-president. I was asked to preside over the election.

With the election over, Mr. Pio del Pilar was elected President by the majority, together with Mr. Juan Gerona, as Vice President.