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17th of May 1901

Mayor Orwig came to announce that he has received orders to go back to Manila, with all the personnel under his command, leaving us under the supervision of the Marine authorities. As a gesture of good-bye, we presented him a sort of citation signed by all the prisoners. It reads:

“We, the undersigned Filipinos, deported in the Island of Guam, with profound gratitude in our hearts, wish to express our great appreciation for Mayor H.B. Orwig, and his men, who have treated us with courtesy and due consideration, which only the distinguished sons of a a free and civilized nation are capable of doing. — Asan, Island of Guam, 17 May 1901.”

Before his departure, Mayor Orwig asked our opinion about Aguinaldo’s capture and other matters pertinent to the Philippines. I told him I could not do it, being incommunicado in the Islands and unaware of the course of events. Hearing this, he refrained from asking questions specially from my companions. Our cook, Antonio Bruno, is also retiring.

Mayor Orwig was replaced by the captain of the Marine Infantry, Melville James Shaw.

During Mayor Orwig’s command, the Governor of the Island, Commander Seaton Schroeder came only once, but not to talk to anyone of us. His wife and children, together with Mayor White’s wife, of the Marine Infantry, also came to visit us.