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4th of July 1901

This memorable day for the Americans of the Union was celebrated in Agaña with fireworks from Japan. For this purpose, Captain Shaw took us to Agaña to watch the celebration. Those who could not walk were brought in a car. We reached Agaña at about six o’clock in the afternoon and remained in the plaza until about eight o’clock, when we got back.

The captain gave us lessons in English for free while he learns Spanish at the same time. He has allowed a Japanese businessman to sell his wares which he brings from Agaña. Because of this, we are able to order chickens and eggs which cost us a lot of money.

He has also authorized the handicapped prisoners to go out for walk every afternoon, as per doctor’s advice.

When the weather is fine, he comes every afternoon to have a chat with us. He has fine manners and very discreet with his words.