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11th of August 1901

Messrs. Carmona and Rivera embarked for Manila. We do not know if the former has been freed or he is just summoned to Manila on some matters; the latter is not a prisoner, and for this reason, he is allowed to return to Manila on account of his sickness.

A warship unexpectedly arrived in the afternoon, with Commander William Swift on board. He is supposed to replace the Governor who is being called to the United States. Mr. Schroeder and his family boarded the ship at the first hours of the evening.

The new Governor has visited us for the second time. His first visit was the day after he took his oath of office. With him is Mr. Paul Linebarger, a passenger of Kilpatrick, which is anchored at bay, who is going to the Philippines to assume the post of Judge in Batangas. According to him, he came to see me if I wanted to send anything to Batangas. Naturally, I thanked him for this.

He wanted to hear my opinion about Philippine matters; in all sincerity, I told him I could not, being away from the country for more than seven months and therefore, I am not aware of the changes that have been affecting my country. He said I could ask him whatever I wanted to know, as he is aware of the happenings in the Philippines. Not giving this much importance, I decided not to respond nor ask anything. Before leaving, the Governor invited Don Pablo Ocampo to Agaña.