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9th of April 1902

Captain McKelvy told us that the Governor is awaiting the arrival of the next ship, because he does not want to act on the appeal, without first being informed of the latest news. He also said that even if he can not agree on what the signatories claim about the food, because this would mean that he has no concern for the prisoners, he has informed the Governor favorably, that the petition was fair, since from the time some prisoners were allowed to live in Agaña, they have consistently shown exemplary behavior.

Lastly, he said that if no ship would arrive until the 11th, he will board the warship Justine for Nagasaki, with his family. Here they shall await the arrival of a ship bound for San Francisco; but if the Governor does not allow him to go that far, he will just let his family board and he will return after three weeks.

On account of this trip, and since he has done me the big favor of teaching me English, I sent him a pocketbook with a Russian-made leather cover, a picture and a letter which reads:

“SIR: You have taught me English for free for many a weary months. I cannot forget this favor, nor can I reward you for it; but I pray you, as I do now, to accept this pocket-book as a token of my gratitude to your kindness to me.

“Please convey my highest regards and compliments to Mrs. McKelvy, telling her that I should be much gratified to hear of her prompt recovery.

“Wishing that you and your family reach home safely, I remain,

“Your most obedient servant.”