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30th of April 1902

As a decision to the appeal of March 24 and signed by 23 prisoners, the following order has been sent to us:

“ORDER: Five prisoners will be allowed to visit Agaña daily between the hours of 9:30 A.M. and 4 P.M. The Officer of the Day will check three prisoners upon their departure and return. An abuse of this privilege by one prisoner will cause an immediate withdrawal from all. –J.F. McGill, Capt. U.S.M.C.–Commanding Post.”

In view of this order, Mr. Llanera issued a communication to the Captain and asked: First, for purposes of compliance, if those who are considered servants shall be considered prisoners, or can they accompany the five prisoners, if they so decide, since they are not actually prisoners; second, if the visitors can ride on the car; and third, if they can bring along some foodstuffs from the Prisons.