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Jan. 7, 1906

Tomorrow school begins again. Spent the first week of vacation in Manila with Miss Wilson. Met Mr. Hodgson. Don’t like him very well. He’s too sure of himself. Brought back an arithmetic to add sixteen pages. Worked Monday and Tuesday on it & sent it off Wednesday. Jan. 4 visit with Miss Klass, Miss Herrick Mr. Stark & Mr. Anglemyer to Salasa to Mr. A’s farm. Left here at six in quelizes and walked the last two miles in. Friday we kicked up into the foothills through beautiful woods. Saturday Mr. A and I went duck hunting up the rocky bed of a river and back through by the trail.Got home at one rested until three thirty & then hiked mt! The carromatas were not there so we had to ride to the ferry in the ox cart which carried out bedding & cooking utensils.