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August 26, 1911

Embarrassing as is the thought I cannot help entering it into this book of my life, for the truth of it seems to me more and more convincing. I am not by any means pretty, rather of the common, ordinary type of face; my conver­sation possesses  nothing of the charm , vivacity and brilliance of most entertaining conversationalists; my man­ners, if anything, are awkward, lacking that polished and refined self-possession of a refined and educated girl – and yet I know, I must confess blushingly, I must have some magnetic charm hidden somewhere that makes a l l people enjoy even a minute of companionship with me. Whatever it is, You put it there, oh Lord, and may it serve the purpose You intended it for. It is the one source of happiness to me, for thru this magnetic charm I am able to go near and help others.