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August 1, 1914

(Manila). We are expecting war to be declared any moment, and have been expecting it for several days now. As I have nothing else to do, today being Sunday, I visit Herr R. ………, Secretary to the German Consul, in the afternoon to find out whether he has any news from home. I do not find him at home, but he is expected momentarily. In the meantime I console myself with one of his cigars. Herr R. ……… smokes a good brand. After waiting for a quarter of an hour he arrives breathlessly. “What seems to be the matter, and why the excitement?” “Germany has declared war on Russia, here is the telegram.” So it had come! The thing that we had seen coming for many years. “You will be notified when and where you will report”.

(Tsingtao). Germany declares war on Russia, The infantry posts are manned temporarily with one officer and fifty men. The 5th Company of the Third Batallion of Marines sends out its first advance patrols, At the Strand Hotel a last reunion is celebrated.