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August 14, 1914

I arrive at Shanghai, and have my baggage brought to the Hotel Kalee. Then I go to see the Consul right away, together with the other Germans. The Consul has good news from Germany and thinks that the war will not last more than two months. I receive thirty dollars as railroad fare to Tsingtao. The Consul then gives us
three hundred dollars in silver and six binoculars for the
military authorities at Tsingtao. After returning to the hotel, I hear that the two Austrians have taken their baggage and gone back aboard ship to go home by way of the United States, We think that by the time that they reach home, the war will long have been over. Oh yes, but things always come out differently than one expects. As we still have a few hours to spare, we take a couple of rickshaws and have a look at the town. At eight in the evening we leave the railroad station.