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August 22 and 23, 1914

This morning we march to Point Iltis where we build trenches which are to control the beaches and stop possible landing parties. In the afternoon, we exercise again and learn the manual of arms. Near the “Haystack” an exciting sea battle is being fought between
the S.M.S, Torpedo-boat S-90 and the English destroyer Kenneth (according to later reports the latter lost 3 dead, and 7 wounded),

An Imperial cable is received from the Kaiser: “May God guard you during the expected heavy battle. Am thinking of you.—Wilhelm.” Answer by the governor of Tsingtao is as follows: “Stand for absolute fulfillment of duty to the last.”

This is the day that the Japanese ultimatum expires. The front is now manned as follows: At Li-tsun the 1st Company of the East-Asiatic Marine Detachment are stationed; the 3rd Company at Tsangkou; the 4th Company of the 3rd Marine Batallion near the Prince Heinrich Mountains; the Reserve Field Battery is stationed near Shantung; on the heights of the Waldersee in Shatshou, on the Pass of Koutsy, and on the Koushan two 2-cm. guns are placed at each station. Besides this, many machine gun platoons are scattered along the front, This little troop defends a stretch of more than 30 kilometers

The mine layer Lauting runs into a mine, but receives only minor damage.