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Second Month, 20

Our ship called at Zamboanga to-day. It is at the southern comer of the Philippine group. We had just one hour ashore. It is a beautiful little city. Close by the landing are the custom house, Govemor’s residence, treasury and postoffice, all in a lovely setting of flowers and palms. We went up to the Moro part of the town, where were to be seen the gaily attired Moros, with their brilliant head-dresses or fezs. Here we took a few snap-shots and then rushed to the boatlanding. Soon thereafter the Hitachi Maru bore us away to the sunny southern seas.

The past two days have been largely engaged in revising the great post of thirty-three letters and many other packages that awaited us when we boarded our ship at Manila. It is with the barbarian’s joy I observed that a few of our most cultured correspondents make mistakes in spelling, for I am myself a terrible speller. They write Manila with two l’s, and Philippines with two l’s and one p, so for just once in my life I excell them in spelling.