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Thursday, October 26, 1922

Once more a meeting of the Nacionalistas in the house of Celestino Rodriguez. Quezon tells me he cannot help admire Osmeña’s serenity because, when he visited Osmeña at midnight last night to exchange views on the underhanded blow from the Democratas, he found Osmeña optimistic and even smiling.

In truth, Osmeña has now begun to work seriously, and he was not surprised to see the change in the Nacionalista representatives. In the meeting, strong words were crossed between Osmeña and Lozano. Osmeña delivered a brilliant and heated speech which produced an excellent impression. The vote was almost unanimous.

In the afternoon, at 1:30, Quezon came to the house to read to me the statement he is thinking of releasing before signing the Pacto de Inteligencia. In the evening, Roxas was elected Speaker.