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April 29-May 14, 1928

Mrs. Aurora Quezon Booklet 2


In Philadelphia I was operated by Dr. W. Noris, atended by Dr. Macgugan and Dr. A.G. Sison was present. My day duty nurse is Mrs. Wiliamson night duty nurs is Mrs. Dorothy Ellsy,

In Kansas City Mo. first attending Dr. was Dr. Owen Macferson. My permament doctor: Dr. Consingo Grifith, recommended by by Mrs. Frank Bernardiu.


left Philadelphia 8:05 p.m. April 29/1928

arived Chicago 2:05 p.m. April 30/1928 left Chicago 8:15 p.m.

Arrived Kansas City Mo. 8:20 a.m. May 1st 1928.

I was exausted the whole night, I had to get off the train for Muelhbach Hotel and stayed there for fourteen (14) days, on the night of fourteen my husband and children joined me. We moved