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Yokohama, December 15, 1931 (Monday)

Arrived at Yokohama at 9:00 a.m. but had to go through immigration officials again. Fernandez and I went ashore in rickshaws to send telegrams and letters and then shopping at Butum(?)-Don.  Returned to the boat for lunch and out again at 2:00 to buy a suitcase.

Osmeña, Roxas and party arrived by motor from Tokyo accompanied by Cam[eron] Forbes[1] and his sister-in-law. They were royally treated in Tokyo with a banquet for 35 people – then again luncheon in the grand hotel in Yokohama.

General Ricarte,[2] wife and grandchildren were at the pier to see us off. We pulled anchor at 4 p.m. and so tired was I that I did not go upstairs for dancing.

[1] William Cameron Forbes  (May 21-1870 – Dec 24, 1959), an investment banker and diplomat,  served as Governor General of the Philippines 1909-1913 and Ambassador of the United States to Japan from 1930-1932

[2] General Artemio Ricarte (Oct 20, 1866-July 31, 1945) – a Filipino general during the Philippine Revolution was and also during the Philippine-American War when  he was commander in Santa Ana, Manila . He refused to take an oath of allegiance to the USA. He was exiled to Guam by the Americans, and eventually went to Hong Kong and then continued to live in exile in Japan. But during WW 2 he returned to the Philippines, and said “I can not take refuge in Japan at this critical moment when my people are in actual distress. I will stay in my Motherland to the last.” He died in the Mountain Province on July 31, 1945.