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December 23, 1931, Honolulu

Arrived off the breakwater at 6:00 a.m. To my surprise we were not molested by medical inspection and I dozed on until 8 to find the ship already approaching a crowded pier.

We were met by two groups – one Filipino headed by Ligot (?) and Pedro Esquerros and composed of Filipinos and the other headed by Mr. F.C. Atherton and J.K. Butler. Our party therefore also divided into two groups – Osmeña, M[ontinola], Gloria and I went with Athertons and Butler to visit the Oahu plantations. Then cocktails at Mr. Waldron (?)’s home  and later luncheon at the Royal Hawaiian. There were about 18 guests. Next to me was Mr. Richard Cooke and we soon talked of golf.  After luncheon a short conference was held on the sugar question after which the party broke up into groups. Osmeña and Montinola went off in a private car placed at their disposal, to join the Ligots (?) and do some shopping.  I went off with Mr. Cooke to the Waialae Golf Club to see an exhibition match between Francis H.I. Brown and Atherton Byer (?) Hawaiian Amateur and Open Champions respectively vs  Geve (?) Saroyan (?) and Johnny Farell.[1]

The Waialae course, which skirts the seashore, is flat but windy. There were about 500 following the foresome. Their playing was not immensely impressive. The course was in good shape and made one feel that the two could do as well.  Parson and Bell were one up at the end of the 18th.

Returning to the ship I rested a bit and then Roxas, F and I went to a movie “Daddy Long Legs” with Janet  Gaynor (?). We sailed sometime after midnight.

[1] John Joseph Farrel (April 1, 1901-June 14, 1988)  American professional golfer who won the US open in 1928.