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January 11, 1932, Monday

Went to B[ureau of].I[nsular].A[affairs]. this a.m. and met Gov. Roosevelt. [1] He is a small wiry fellow, broad grin and an evident desire to please.

Osmeña’s luncheon was held this noon at the Shoreham,  (26 covers)  and all went well. Present were (in addition to our crowd) Davies, Mrs. Davies, Gen. and Mrs.McIntyre, Miss McIntyre, Gen Parker, Gen Wickings ? Gen. and Mrs. De Lamuy?, Mrs. Hull, Miss Hull, Mr. and Mrs. Brunn ? Mr. and Mrs. Parker, Mr. Swityer ?  and R. Owen.[2] It was Gloria’s first appearance and a favorable one.

Worked all afternoon and evening. O[smeña] dropped in and we had a long chat.

The Mission was introduced to the Roosevelt this afternoon at the office of the Sec. of War.

[1] Theodore Roosevelt Jr. (Sept 13, 1887-July 12, 1944) eldest son of Pres. Theodore Roosevelt, he was Governor General of the Philippines from Feb 29, 1932- July 15, 1933.

[2] Ruth Bryan Owen (Oct 2, 1885-July 26, 1954) a Democrat, was Florida’s first woman representative in the US Congress. She sat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.