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Dec 29 Thursday 1932

At 3:30 p.m.conference report was called up in the House.  Hare got one hour to be apportioned to him and he gave it to Hooper[1], Underhill[2] and Knutson.  Others would have spoken also,  had not   S……?? asked so many questions which the speakers were unable to answer.  Finally Hare himself took the floor but even he was stumped  – all in all it was an amazing exhibition of ignorance on the exact provisions of the bill.

Report was finally approved by viva voce and on division vote was 171 to 16.

Tonight Os gave a dinner for Aquino at the Club M…? Rox and I being the other.

[1] Joseph Hooper (Dec 22, 1877-Feb 22,1934) Republican Congressman from Michigan

[2] Charles L. Underhill  (July 29, 1967-Jan 28, 1946) Republican,  Representative of Massachusetts