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December 16-19, 1935

Dull mornings in office –have not seen Quezon. Some hitch is apparent in the plan to purchase the Manila RR. bonds; the subject is hung up in the Committee.

The national defense scheme is published in full, and will gain strength as the public understands it.

Quezon appeared before the National Assembly and read a message favouring a National Economic Planning (conservatively conducted). Excellent effect.

The 18th is my 62nd birthday –not much in that fact. Feel quite serene and contented except that in my office I do not have anything to do of any importance. Hope to get busy when the committee on reorganization is started. Have put in two weeks in a study of the files and reports of recent years to get the background for reorganization.

Saw poor Gilhauser at Wak-Wak; he just lost his daughter in a motor accident in California.

Series of cocktail parties in afternoons leading up to Christmas.