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January 27, 1936

Back again at the office after first illness I have ever had in the Philippines. Garfinkel told of Quezon’s visit to Tarlac and Pangasinan; what intelligent interest he showed in military maneuvers and in the equipment of General Smith. Garfinkel expressed his pleasure in the present great change of heart of the American military towards Quezon –how they were beginning to understand his intelligence and powerful grasp of affairs “and” he added “you know Quezon doesn’t like the army”!! Also said the American “Old Timers” were letting up on their incessant grumbling against Quezon –“as they had always grumbled against every Governor General.” He said the army (and “Old Timers”?) had not believed up to the very day of inauguration that the Commonwealth Government would ever come into being. This, of course, was wishful thinking. Said Quezon had accomplished more in one month than Governor General had ever done in one year.