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February 16, 1936

Rumour heard by Doria from army officers that a group of American businessmen, of whom Julian Wolfson is said to be one–are trying to buy a yacht for Quezon to give it to him for eight months of the year. Doria replied that she did not know whether Quezon would accept it, but if he did, the businessmen need not expect in return any special favours from the government, for Quezon stood up so straight he leaned over backward; that as their first President, he was trying to establish precedents for absolutely clean and honest Government. Doria and friends went to Billikin Ball at the Carnival–only “pale faces” present–Doria comments on how sadly (decorously?) the Filipinos take their social pleasures. I replied that everything among them seemed on a minor key, but mat might only be their social manner.

P.M. Doria, Mrs. Swift and I to Montalban for tea, and we saw the bats issue at 5:45 from the limestone caves in the cliff far above–long twisting columns which came tumbling out in hugh detachments–must have been a million of them. Two small kites appeared about 10 minutes before them, and when the bats dashed out, each bird secured his supper.