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April 6, 1936

At sea, with wind abating. Talk over gambling and sporting shows in the Philippines. Greyhound racing has a definite black eye because of the crookedness of a promoter who first tried to introduce it here. I advocated establishing here professional pelota. The San Lazaro race track is a rotten show, and plans are on foot to have a new and decent one. I also advocated a Spanish lottery system, and said that “missionary” interference from the United States was now, under the Commonwealth a mere impertinence.

Quezon said that a new hotel should be built at Baguio, and some rooms set aside for roulette etc., to be run by a club–he would tell the Chief of Police to keep away.

Put into oil wharf near Zamboanga and refuelled–a swarm of mosquitoes came aboard. On to Zamboanga where I did not go ashore.