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May 5, 1936

Two very nice letters from Doria written at Hong Kong.

From 8:30-10:30 with Arthur Fischer at the excellent office of the Bureau of Forestry. He is now the senior Bureau Chief. I appointed him in 1917. Twenty years is too long, and Fischer is thin, neurotic and passionately excitable. He grows livid when he tells of how Governor General Murphy let him down on appropriations his quinine forest in Bukidnon. He got the seeds in Java from Consul General Hoover, and tried first in Baguio but moved the plants to Bukidnon where they have made a startling success, and have nearly double in quinine content of the original. There is scope here for development.

Fischer is a true type of the devoted public servant–high minded–energetic-and inspires his men. Wishes to retire and has been offered excellent posts in Siam and China. Has not a cent saved up. He started the cutch industry in Zamboanga.