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September 1, 1941

Today is mass induction ceremonies in all PA Military Districts. All Os and EMs of the 1st Regiment and other key personnel of each of the ten Divs that reported for duty starting Aug. 28 are inducted into the USAFFE in their respective Mobilization Centers in the ten Military Districts.

Today, the C & GSS in Baguio City under Col. Bluemel opens with selected senior Officers as students to be prospective Div Comdrs and staff  to man the Divisions being mobilized, after their graduation.

To facilitate the training of other officers in the Divs being mobilized, the following Training Schools are activated:

  • Field Arty. School at Camp Stotsenburg under Lt. Col. Ralph Hirsh FA USA
  • Coast Artillery School at Ft. Wint under Lt.Col. Napoleon Boudreaux  CAC USA
  • PAAC Flying Schools at Cabanatuan, Batangas and Cebu.

Meanwhile, training of the Q-Boats on Depth Charge Firings started this week.