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16 Sept. 1941

The Pierce docked about 3:30 PM. We were taken 10 blocks away to the Army-Navy Club where the Air Force was giving a little party in our honor. We stayed there until 6 PM and then went six miles outside Manila to Elliot Field. This is headquarters for the Air Force in the Philippines. Had dinner and then to bed. Next morning we reported for interviewing and assignment. Someone discovered that our orders read for duty with the Coast Artillery and the Adjutant started telephoning. Some telegrapher had omitted the first letter from C. A. C. and that is why the Air Corps had us! We were told to catch the ferry for Corregidor. Bill and I went down town and checked into the Manila Hotel, the best in town and the rooms were $3.50! Had a very good dinner at the Jai Alai Palace and watched the game. Ended up the evening upstairs at the “Sky Room,” for what reason so-named I could not understand as you cannot see out of it! It is just a bar and dance. We started out next morning on a sight seeing tour. Went to the old Spanish Fort Santiago and walked around town until we were pretty tired. There is a fair shopping street called the Escolta. It is very narrow with just room for two cars to pass and no parking. There about half as many shops as on Hollywood Blvd. but most of them are very modern. The native quarters are squalor indeed. There were a few baskets of ratty looking vegetables and nuts for sale. The odor was something! No fresh milk! The cloth and tailoring were very cheap. Took the ferry to Corregidor at 3 PM.