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November 24, 1941

The US 16th Naval District HQ at Cavite Navy Yard welcome today the arrival of four large submarines to augment the Asiatic Fleet under Adm. T. Hart USN.  Eight days ago (Nov. 16) the 28th Bombardment Squadron of B-17’s under Maj. William P. Fisher USAAC arrived to reinforce the Far East Air Command of Gen. Brereton.  The runaway of the Malabang Airfield in Mindanao was lengthened to accommodate these B-17’s. In the re-surfacing of the runaway, volcanic cinders was used.

Manila news stated that serious talk is going on in Washington DC between the US State Department under Sec. Cordell Hull and Japanese Ambassadors Nomura and Kurusu. The Japanese is proposing status quo (they will halt their military campaigns but retain what they already have) if the US will lift the embargo against Japan.

Author’s note: 

Aforementioned are what I knew then. What I knew later based on records of the Japanese Navy, is that by Nov. 24, 1941, the Japanese Imperial Navy under Admiral Yamamoto have not only completed a comprehensive plan but also rehearsed the attack on Pearl Harbor. The Hawaii Task Force under Admiral Nagumo  was secretly  anchored at Hitokappu Bay in Etorafu Island waiting for the go signal. Admiral Nagumo had completed the briefings aboard his flagship “Akagi” where he announced Pearl Harbor as their objective. By this time also, the US had broken the Japanese Diplomatic Code and could decipher their messages.