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December 5, 1941

Early the following morning, about 4:l5 AM, the B.C. was called by the air guard and informed that, shortly before, warnings of aerial activity over northern Luzon had been received by the “Flash” operator and that the AA OP had ordered air guards and alerts doubled. The battery was immediately alerted and placed in readiness for possible action. Shortly, a general air alert was ordered from the MOP and maintained until daylight. About 6:30 AM the B.C. was informed by the Bn Cdr of the attack on Pearl Harbor and of the existence of a state of war.

This information was immediately transmitted to the battery personnel. The reaction of the men to the news indicated favorable morale and an excellent fighting spirit.

The battery organization at this time was as follows:

Captain Aaron A. Abston, B. C.

1st Lieut. Joseph D. Kwiatkowski, Ex.O, S.0.

2nd Lieut. Leslie L. Peterie, Rn.O.

2nd Lieut. Francis LeClear, Ass’t. Ex.O. (MG.O.), Mess 0.

1st Sergeant Arthur G. Kendal, 1st Sgt.

Staff Sergeant Charles R. Feaueyear, Electrical Chief

Staff Sergeant Harold F. Huffman, Chief of Firing Section

Sergeant Paul P. Verdi, Chief of Range Section

Sergeant Theodore H. Vetter (D.S. with the PA.), Chief of

Sergeant Charles L. Kudie, #1 Gun Cmdr

Ser2eant Hulen U Goodnight, #2 Gun Cmdr

Sergeant John E. Cheesman, #3 Gun Cmdr

Sergeant Clifford R.White, #4 Gun Cmdr

Sergeant Cread E. Shuey, Chief of MG Section

Sergeant John H. Yocum, Mess Sgt.

Sergeant Robert M. Murdock, Sup. Sgt.

Corporal Ralph D. Vesper, Chief of Communications.

Corporal George K. Haren, Clerk.

Total enlisted strength: 113 (see roster)