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Monday, December 8, 1941

Very early this morning, Mrs. Gewald called up Daddy to say that the Japs had bombed Hawaii. At school everyone was uneasy and excited. When the students came from the Normal School they brought news that Baguio and Davao had been bombed. Classes were very irregular. At recess, Rileys and Terry and the rest of us talked the situation over. Sis started to cry when she heard a false rumour that Tugegarao had been bombed After recess, many parents came for the children and many left. There weren’t hardly any kids in study hall so disorder was prevalent. Several girls started crying and Betty Weibel, Richard Meyers, and John M. had loads of fun.

During Literature we had no class. Miss Barsot got so nervous she sent us all downstairs where we managed to get hold of some Bulletin “Extras”. At 11:30 school was dismissed by an official order.

The C.E.A. (Civil Emergency Authority) said to get a suitcase ready for instant evacuation.

The afternoon was spent near the house with Jeanette.