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9 December 1941

0050 Observed air attack on Nichols Field (Army). Large fires started almost instantaneously. Ground defenses apparently replying with heavy but ineffective fire of machine guns.

0120 Got underway and steamed slowly around harbor until dawn with air defense stations manned to guard against attack.

0540 Stood through breakwater and moored to north side Pier 1 (Manila) in accordance with orders of Comsubs AF. Manila air raid sirens sounded three false alarms during the day. It later developed sirens had been manned by Boy Scouts, which were replaced by army personnel after false alarms.

Emptied fuel oil from CANOPUS wing tanks and filled them with water to reduce fire hazard from bomb hits. A considerable number of incidents of irresponsible rifle and pistol fire, lights or flares showing in Manila were
noted during the night.