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December 9, 1941

I was awakened early this a.m. (3:10) by the noise of windows rattling at the head of my bed, and by the sound of explosions. The cause was a Japanese bombing attack on Nichols Field. I do not know the result yet. During the day I learned that attacks were also being made on Camp John Hay [Baguio], Clark Field [Fort Stotsenburg], and Iba Airfield [about forty miles north of Bataan, on the west coast of Luzon in Zambales province]. I have been told that damage at Clark Field was extensive. Also heard that nine were killed and seven wounded at Camp John Hay. Efforts to provide transportation for troops in field and to provide for mobile reserve were intensified today. We are taking all new transportation in Manila, and are commandeering all buses and trucks. Transportation must be procured. C.O.’s in the field are stopping cars on the road and taking them on the spot. Gave orders today to force C.O.’s to stop this practice. Transportation is the biggest problem here right now, to move ammunition and subsistence.