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Tuesday, December 9, 1941

Up at six o’clock this morning so as to see Carl off, getting an early start on the return trip after a nice breakfast on the lovely big porch at the Rhudie’s house. He had been gone only a few minutes when the news came through that Nichols Field had been bombed during the night and that successful landings were effected by the enemy at Vigan and Aparri. Some bombs had also fallen at Fort McKinley (a few miles from Manila) and some at the landing field at Ft. Stotsenburg. No harm much to either McKinley or Stotsenburg but fires were started at Nichols Field. This was startling news and all day long we stayed by the radio, but nothing further developed. Ada and I made plans for a regular routine to which we would try to settle into after the Ivorys come. The Ivorys are members of Oscar’s company and live in Manila close to us. We expect Mrs. Ivory to come at any time with the three children (the oldest, Helen, is seventeen and a senior at the American school; Marcia thirteen, and George, a fine little fellow of nine, a classmate and playmate of Bobbie’s).