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December 10, 1941

Nicols & Clark field also Ft. McKinley bombed & strafed. Permit to leave city. stall Cav.– road bombed — 7. A arrives-go Pilar-100 stops—no car lights—arrive 1 AM. 130 K. from Man. 6K in Hills. 1st sleep since war started.

Reviewing the diary during the Court of Claims case, Claire wasn’t sure what the annotation [“A arrives“] meant. At first she said that it meant “7 a.m.” In further testimony she said “A” represented “American” or “Americans.” In Manila Espionage she says they drove together to Pilar that afternoon. It is questionable that Phillips could have left his unit a day after the Japanese attack or that he would drive more than half a day with her and only then reach his unit’s new camp.