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December 12, 1941

In my concern over my administrative troubles, I forgot to mention that the Japanese staged a landing on the northern end of Luzon two days ago. Landed at Vigan and Aparri, numbers not known. However, they pulled up to a dock near Vigan and unloaded. Three transports reported there. Others, including warships, at Aparri. Our planes flew over today and are reported to have hit three and sunk one at Vigan, and to have badly damaged a 29,000-ton battleship off the northern coast of Luzon. No confirmation yet. An attempted landing at Lingayen Gulf was reported night before last, but they were fired on and withdrew. Reports today that a landing has been made at Legaspi, on Bicol peninsula. Size of force unknown. Troops reported as far north as Naga. Railroad is being destroyed as it is only means of access to peninsula. Subsistence and ammunition all delivered to troops, and I hear no grumbling, so they must be eating satisfactorily. Transportation still bad.