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December 16, 1942

We had a very quiet day today. That is, it was quiet as far as enemy activity is concerned. There has been no alarm since noon yesterday. Consequently, I had a very good night’s sleep last night. No activity reported on the part of Jap forces at Vigan and Aparri. Some activity at Legaspi, where the enemy is reported to be working north along the railroad. They are also reported to have a number of small tanks. Size not indicated, but I recall seeing some at Shanghai, and they were not over four feet or five feet high. Possibly one-man crew. Possibly these are the same type. We are all set to go into the field with this Hq. in the event it becomes necessary. Had to improvise the entire outfit. Did not have necessary radios, wire, telephones, etc., but “borrowed” them from other units. The cars which will be used for the advance echelon will be all new cars—largely Buicks taken over when the war started. Only the General, Chief of Staff, four G’s, and certain special staff officers are scheduled to go. I am taking two clerks with me—if we go. All the trucks carrying our baggage will be civilian cargo which we took over. No army trucks available.