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December 19, 1941

We had two visitations from the Japs today—one in the morning about ten o’clock and a second one just as I finished lunch again—about two o’clock. Both attacks were directed at Cavite. No report on the damage, although they hit something as I could see clouds of black smoke—possibly from oil tanks. It looked like oil smoke. I think they are getting back at the Navy for sinking one of their transports the other day. They probably think subs are using Cavite as a base. Not much activity reported from Jap troops in the north and south. They are gradually working up the railroad from Legaspi, but the bridges have been demolished this side of Naga, so their progress will be slow. They are also trying to work south from Vigan, but are opposed there by units of the 11th division. A little brush was reported up there yesterday in which the Japs came off second best. We also are in touch with the Cagayan Valley.