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December 21, 1941

Had a couple of Jap visitations today. They are concentrating particular attention on Cavite right now, although they paid a little attention to Nichols Field as well. They seem to avoid bombing Manila, as all attacks thus far have been directed at strictly military objectives. At our staff meeting this p.m. we were told that 15 Jap transports were reported by the Navy off northern Luzon, about 90 miles away. Information appears to be authentic. If this convoy follows its present course it is headed for the vicinity of Lingayen Gulf. Increased activity on part of Japs north of San Fernando reported today. They are now moving south, and an attempt at a landing was made south of San Fernando, but was opposed, and enemy force withdrew. In discussion with Gen. Weaver this p.m. (Tank C.O.). I predicted if Japs make a landing it will be on the right side of Lingayen Gulf, and on our right flank. There is much better room for maneuver there and better road net. The 11th Division (Gen. Brougher) is in that area. One battalion of tanks sent up to that area tonight. Enemy can make a landing as early as 4 a.m. tomorrow.