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Tuesday night, December 23, 1941

Christmas is in the air. Everybody is doing their part. The children’s play room (the basement) at the guest house is being dressed out in paper chains of red, red lanterns, and green palm leaves. The children have different parts to do in the Christmas program, but the movie is the big thing. Ada has done a tree which is a beauty. She made it by putting together and tying to a standard many blossoms from the coconut trees — she had a man over early this morning climbing trees for her. My part is to see that the food is adequate, and it will be. Priscilla has been making another house dress for Ada today. Just a little more and we will have it ready for her to wear. The one we made for her Christmas gift turned out nicely. Our Christmas will be a simple but sweet one, for the children have made just about everything in the way of decorations and programs.

Our noon news stated that the Japs in their attempted major invasion had succeeded in landing some of their troops and tanks, but we had driven the rest of the eighty to one hundred thousand back from landing. They have taken a stand at Damortis and heavy fighting is in progress there where men and tanks are engaged. We have brought down eight of their planes in that sector. There were two raids on Manila yesterday but both driven off. Landings have been successful in five points of the Islands: Aparri, Vigan, Lingayen on the Island of Luzon; Capiz on Panay and Davao on the southern tip of Mindanao. But just give us time and they will go out faster than they came in — those that are left, though I doubt if they ever live to retreat.

At two o’clock a big truck of soldiers arrived here. Oscar had given them permission to be housed in the factory. They are to use our phone and the office as their headquarters. A few minutes after the arrival of the troops, John came for the night with us. We were in hopes that he would be with us over the holidays, but he said “no” he would have to return and stay near the phone as George would be coming up to be with his family.