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December 24, 1941

This has not been such a promising day before Christmas as it might have been under other conditions. Our troops up north (Philippine Army) are not holding well, and have been driven back from the beach in the vicinity of San Fabian, Sison, and Pozorrubio. Thus the Japs have established a beachhead, and are getting ready to stage a first-class offensive. There is, of course, some chance that a mechanized force, followed by a motorized column, could drive straight through to Manila in a matter of five or six hours. We are not going to retain our headquarters here. Manila is to be declared an open city and we moved to Corregidor. We left Manila at 7:20 p.m. on the Don Esteban—all our Hq., including Gen. and Mrs. MacArthur. I cleared the boat as soon as Gen. MacArthur came on board. It was a pleasant trip to Corregidor, as the Don Esteban is quite fast. Beautiful moonlight night. Some of the officers got together and sang Christmas carols. Rather an unusual Christmas Eve. Arrived at Corregidor at 9:30 and went straight to the tunnel where we were to be quartered. It is hot and stuffy here. Don’t like it.