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Friday, December 26, 1941

Well, we’re spending this day at camp again. Mother keeps saying we’re going down to Manila for good and we never do.

After breakfast and inspection, Marjorie and I did our washing and at 11:00 went on guard duty. | at the front door – Marj at the back. I wrote a letter to Sis that was 16 pages long – telling all about all the people at camp. Angelita and Moochie (two of the little kids in Camp) kept me company so it took me the whole three hours to write my letter.

At 2:00 I was replaced and Marj and I and everyone else in camp went to take a bath. By the time that was finished, the afternoon was about gone. So supper was eaten, the dishes washed, and all of us sat outside and told stories until time for devotions at 8:00.

Manila has been declared an open city! But the Japs don’t respect that!