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January 1, 1942*

*Philippine Diary Project Note: President Quezon’s inaugural was on December 30, 1941, two days before the date of this entry.

Had a little rain as I was shaving this morning. Rather unusual for this time of year. Also, to add interest, a few Jap bombers tried to fly in out of the clouds and the first one to appear was promptly shot down. The remainder became discouraged. Witnessed rather an unusual spectacle today—the inauguration of President Quezon. He is here on the island and stays in a tunnel near our own. He doesn’t have many luxuries there. He and Vice President Osmeña were sworn in before a relatively small group. It is odd to think of Quezon as virtually an isolated ruler, as he can have no contact with his people after the Japs arrive in Manila. We had to send in to Manila tonight to get a tug—the Cheswick—which was left behind. The Navy was supposed to tow her out but refused to go in after her tonight, due to danger of losing other boats. We sent in two tugs to get her, and I sent a mosquito boat along as escort. We have three mosquito boats under our control—Filipino Navy. There are two boats afire in the bay—result of bombing the other day. I wish we could save them, but I fear they are too far gone. This has been an unusual New Year’s Day. Not a particularly happy one though under existing conditions.